Jinchul Kim Painting Award

The Jinchul Kim Painting Award(s) will be made for the Spring semester each year to assist a student who has developed an artistic practice of outstanding body of work involved with a form of painting and who offering a high level of commitment and personal connection with his/her work. This award may assist with art related supplies, or fees associated with art activities. The submission and evaluation process should be free of all fees. The student must meet the following qualifications: 1.) Completed or in the process of completing 4 or more painting courses at Salisbury University with a minimum GPA of 3.0; 2.) Enrolled as a full-time student; 3.) The applicant will submit a portfolio of student work, and an artist statement describing his or her body of work; 4.) Preference given to students with financial need; 5.) Submits written summary of what they anticipate using funds for. Please contact the Art Department for more information and to apply to this award. SU ART DEPT CLICK HERE

Jinchul Kim Painting Award
Area of Interest
Fulton - Art