Rick Dudley Scholarship Fund for Graduate Students with Disabilities

The first Salisbury University Foundation, Inc. scholarship for graduate students, the Rick Dudley Scholarship Fund for Graduate Students with Disabilities, provides assistance for disabled graduate scholars. This scholarship program is a continuation of the Dudley family’s abiding faith in the power of education to change lives. The Rick Dudley Scholarship provides varying scholarship amounts to assist in a variety of situations. Full-time (7+credits) graduate students can receive $5,000 per year for up to three years; part-time (4-6 credits) graduate students enrolled in four to six credit hours per semester can receive $3,000 per year for up to four years; and part-time graduate students enrolled in three or fewer credit hours per semester can receive $1,500 per year for up to four years. A student may receive both a Graduate Assistantship and a Rick Dudley Scholarship, providing the criterion for both is met, but will receive an award of only $3,000. Applicants must meet the requirements of acceptance into a graduate program at Salisbury University and remain enrolled and in good standing in a graduate program.
Requirements: The Rick Dudley Scholarship is intended to assist individuals with “severe and substantial disabilities” in
pursuing a graduate degree at Salisbury University and is intended solely for students who meet any of the following criteria for severe and substantial disability:
 * Persons who have a permanent disability which results in the inability to ambulate without the use of a
wheelchair, cane, crutches, or a walker; or
 * Persons who have a diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy which substantially affects balance, gait, and walking endurance
in the absence of such mobility aids; or
 * Persons who are legally blind with glasses; or
 * Persons who cannot understand normal speech without amplification and are considered profoundly deaf; or
 * Persons whose speech cannot be understood by the average person; or
 * Persons who need personal assistance with activities of daily living.
Scholarship recipients must maintain continued admission status, that is be enrolled in at least one class each of the fall
and spring semesters, throughout their graduate education. The scholarship will be rescinded if the student falls below
minimum graduate program requirements for maintenance of satisfactory status. “Provisional admission” in the M.B.A.
and M.S.W. programs does not meet this scholarship criterion. A graduate student on probation will not be awarded a
scholarship. Interested applicants will need to download the Medical Opinion Form:
Medical Opinion Form.
Please upload the completed Medical Opinion Form when requested. If you require further information, please contact Jessica Scott, Graduate Program Manager, at jlscott@salisbury.edu . “In lieu of Medical Opinion Form, you can provide documentation that you are registered with the SU Disability Resource Center.”

Rick Dudley Scholarship Fund for Graduate Students with Disabilities
$750 or more
Area of Interest
Financial Aid - General, Graduate Studies
Supplemental Questions
  1. What graduate program are you currently enrolled in
  2. Graduate Assistantship
    • Do you intend to apply for or are you currently receiving a Graduate Assistantship?
    • If Yes, what is the name of your Assistantship?
  3. Please provide the name of the Graduate Program Director
  4. Rick Dudley Scholarship Essay
  5. Medical Opinion form