Virginia Mills Edwards Nursing Scholarship

The Virginia Mills Edwards Nursing Scholarship recognizes and funds students who desire to become registered nurses. Priority is given to residents of Dorchester (first), Somerset (second) and Wicomico (third) counties and licensed practical nurses or medical technicians (fourth, with priority given to Dorchester General Hospital employees). Students must be enrolled full-time and be a junior or senior of the upcoming semester. Letters of application should be submitted to the Virginia Mills Edwards Scholarship Board, with an essay stating in no less than 300 words the qualifications of the applicant. The Virginia Mills Edwards Scholarship Board awards scholarships annually for the next academic year. Information is available from the Department of Nursing.

Area of Interest
College of Health & Human Services, Nursing
Supplemental Questions
  1. Are you Employed by Dorchester General Hospital in Cambrige, MD?
  2. Essay stating the exceptional or outstanding qualifications of the applicant