Graduate Scholarships and Resources for Computer Science Students

Paying for grad school is already a significant investment. With tuition rates rising each year, students are graduating with more student loan debt than ever before. Scholarships and fellowships can help to ease the financial strain of getting an advanced degree. This guide outlines a number of scholarship opportunities to help computer science students graduate with less debt.

Regardless of the degree, the cost of graduate school is a primary concern for most students considering an advanced degree. Even those in lucrative fields like computer science look for ways to lower the cost of tuition, especially if they need student loans to help pay for school. Since qualified computer scientists are in high demand, a wide range of scholarships and fellowships are available to grad students in the field. This guide details specific scholarships and resources for computer science graduate students. It also provides helpful tips for standing out on your scholarship applications.

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*Note: Information listed on this external website has not been vetted by Salisbury University or the Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships. Students should exercise their due diligence before they consider applying for a scholarship.

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