President Charles Wight's "Lead From the Front" Scholarship

Rising leaders become great leaders because of their desire to dream more, learn more and do more. Their actions inspire others to follow them not because of their position or authority but because leaders empower others to take the next step in making the world a better place. At Salisbury University we recognize the next generation of leaders will ‘Lead From The Front’. If you are passionate about social justice, advocacy, equal rights, conservation and the environment, and supporting the underdog, we invite you to apply.

The $12,000 scholarship (paid over 4 years, with a maximum $3,000 annually) is available to an incoming, first time, undergraduate freshman Salisbury University (SU) student who has made a deposit to attend in the upcoming Fall semester and has an interest in making SU and the world a better place. The applicant must have demonstrated financial need as determined by the most current year FAFSA and will exhibit via a 500 word essay the impact their leadership has made in their home community and how they plan to continue to hone their leadership skills as an active member of the SU community. Applicants are required to complete the application and essay, have a minimum 3.3 high school GPA, and provide a nomination letter from a teacher or administrator at their high school illustrating the applicant’s contributions to the community. Students who have paid their fall admission deposit by the scholarship deadline will be given first consideration. Recipients will be notified on or around May 20th each year.

The scholarship is renewable over 4 years if the recipient meets the following criteria: annual completion of 30 credits, a cumulative GPA of 3.0 each semester, continued demonstrated financial need from the FAFSA, and a minimum of 50 hours of continued SU community involvement each academic year. The SU community involvement verification will be confirmed through the Volunteer Center within Career Services at SU. You will need to notify the Volunteer Center each time you participate in a community service program/project so that office can verify and attest to those hours. Please be sure to provide a name, contact phone number and email address of a contact person with the organization with whom you completed the service, as well as the total number of hours worked. The verification of all community service/involvement hours must be submitted to the Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships by the Volunteer Center at SU no later than May 15th each year for renewal eligibility.

Salisbury University is a Division III member of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and therefore athletic leadership, ability, participation or performance cannot be utilized as a criterion in the determination of your financial aid award. As you apply for scholarships within Salisbury University’s Academic Works scholarship site please do not mention athletic leadership, ability, participation or performance within any required essay as it will remove you from consideration for the award to ensure Salisbury University continued compliance with Bylaw 15.4.1 of the NCAA regulations.

Area of Interest
Financial Aid - General
Supplemental Questions
  1. Lead From The Front Essay: What impact has your leadership made in your home community and how do you plan to continue to develop your leadership skills as an active member of the SU community? (500 word max).
  2. Letter of Recommendation/Nomination Request - President Charles Wight "Lead From The Front" Scholarship. remember to ask your recommendation provider first for approval before you provide their name and email. You are responsible for ensuring your recommendation provider completes this request before the deadline date!