Bobbi Biron Theater Scholarship

The Bobbi Biron Scholarship is awarded to incoming freshman or current SU students who have shown outstanding dedication and promise in theatre. An audition is required for performers and a portfolio review is required for designers/technicians. Recipients may qualify to have their scholarship renewed annually if they maintain a 3.0 cumulative GPA in their Theater coursework and participate in theater productions and programs at large. Students must remain as a theater major to retain this scholarship. Additional information, requirements and tips to help you prepare for the performance audition or portfolio review can be found at this site: Bobbi Biron Scholarship

Requirements: What You Need To Do
- SU Admissions Application. If you are not a current SU student, submit online application by December 1 for Freshman Early Action or January 15 for Freshman Regular Decision.
- Prepare Materials Please provide a link to download your resume, along with your audition video or online portfolio. Please see for details: CLICK HERE
- Biron Scholarship Application. Submit scholarship application via the SU Scholarship website AcademicWorks. Once offered admission to SU you will be given log in access to this site in your official admissions letter. If you are a current SU Theater major, you should have access to the SU Scholarship site already.
- What We’re Looking For: We want to see you and your talent. If auditioning with monologues, please show range and provide a glimpse into what your interests are as an artist. For those submitting portfolios, we should be able to see your personal point of view and what you’re interested in as an artist and/or technician. Ultimately, we want to get a
sense of who you are and what most excites you about theatre.
-Following Up Faculty may contact you for an additional interview.

How to Prepare
-Performance Audition: Introduce yourself and what you will do; perform one 60 to 90 second dramatic monologue and one 60 to 90 second comedic monologue; end in a clear, strong, definitive manner. Be sure that your monologues show range and have a clear contrast. Contemporary monologues are encouraged. Work with your drama teacher to select material that suits your age, type, and facility with language and ideas. Pay attention to enunciation and pronunciation, vocal and expressive choices, character type, and storytelling to create a believable character. Be prepared to discuss the theme or central idea, the emotional intent or mood of the selection, and what the character is attempting to communicate. What artistic choices did you make and why?

-Portfolio Review: Seek help from your design or technical director to select and focus on one work. Consider scenery (perspective renderings, storyboards, drafting, research materials, elevations, model photos, concept statement, and paperwork), costume (swatched costume renderings, sketches, research material, photos, concept statement, and paperwork), or lighting (studies, storyboards, research, lights plot, production photos, concept statement, and paperwork).

For additional information about the Theatre Program at Salisbury University click here

Bobbi Biron Theater Scholarship
Area of Interest
Fulton - Theater
Supplemental Questions
  1. Bobbi Biron Scholarship Question
    • This scholarship requires a performance audition or portfolio review through John Raley, Artistic Director of the Bobbi Biron Theater Program. Please provide a link to an audition video, or online portfolio, along with uploading a resume. Please see the Bobbi Biron Website for audition requirement details
  2. Please provide the website address or link to your online portfolio or audition video. Be sure that the settings on your video or portfolio allow us to view your submission without a password.
  3. Please upload a copy of your resume