NASA Wallops Flight Facility Summer Internship Opportunity

The Wallops Electrical Engineering Branch at Wallops Flight Facility (WFF) is responsible for the conception, analysis, design, development, validation, and implementation of flight electrical/electronics, communications and tracking, and electrical ground support systems for our missions, projects, and technology initiatives. WFF is seeking motivated accomplished students who can juggle multiple assignments, learn quickly, remain flexible and communicate well for a 10-week summer internship. The specific project activities will be determined closer to the start of the internship. Prior internship projects have included optimization of engineering tools and applications, brainstorming solutions to difficult problems, digital design, development of electronic schematics and drawings, antenna testing, support of rocket launch activities, integration and ground testing of major flight hardware, and data analysis. Often project work will span a range of design, analysis, fabrication, and test arena during the internship.

Area of Interest
Henson School of Science & Technology