Salisbury Symphony Orchestra (SSO)

Student must be enrolled in MUSA 105, enrolled in private string lessons with SU Faculty, willing to maintain the following: maintain an A in MUSA 105; have good attendance and punctuality (arrive 10 minutes early) in MUSA 105; perform in all concerts associated with MUSA 105; participate in one community service activity to be determined by Drs. Schoyen and Murasugi. Eligible students must be enrolled full-time.

Area of Interest
Fulton - Music
Supplemental Questions
  1. Musical Instrument
    • Do you play a musical instrument?
    • If Yes, what instrument do you play?
  2. MUSA 105
    • Are you currenlty enrolled in MUSA 105?
    • If No, will you be enrolled in MUSA 105 for the upcoming semeter?
  3. Private Lessons
    • Are you enrolled in priavte lessons with an SU faculty member?
    • If Yes, what type of lessons are you taking?
  4. Are you willing to participate in one community service activity during the semester to be determined by Drs. Schoyen & Murasugi?
  5. This scholarship requires an audition with the Department of Music. Would you be willing to audition for consideration of this scholarship? If yes, then you must contact the Department of Music at 410-543-6385 to schedule an audition