Sea Gull Century Scholarship

The Sea Gull Century and Salisbury University have enjoyed a valuable partnership for 20 years. In recognition and appreciation of this relationship, the Sea Gull Century commits to the annual funding of the Sea Gull Century Scholarship Fund at Salisbury University. Students applying for this scholarship must have a 3.0 cumulative GPA at Salisbury University, be involved in the Sea Gull Century and provide a written reflection of at least 500 words of the Sea Gull experience

$500 - $1,000
Area of Interest
SU Foundation
Supplemental Questions
  1. Sea Gull Century Scholarship Questions
    • 1. Where you involved in the most recent Sea Gull Century Bike Ride event at SU
    • 2. If your answer is YES to the question above, what was your role
    • 3. Provide the name of an SU faculty or staff member as a reference
  2. Provide an essay on your Sea Gull Century Experience