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Scholarship Opportunities @ SU

Internet Explorer (IE) and Microsoft Edge are not fully compatible with the SU Scholarship Website (Academic Works) and many features of the site will not work using IE. For optimal compatibility it is recommended that you sign in ONLY using any newer browser, for example: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Apple Safari.

The SU Scholarship Website (Academic Works) is NOW open for ALL NEWLY ADMITTED fall 2024 students as of 12/01/2023 – NEWLY Admitted Students for FALL 2024 can complete the short General Application upon first log in (Conditional Applicable if applicable). From the Opportunities Tab on your home screen check the link called “Recommended” scholarships (if presented with a Recommended list) to see if you are recommended to apply to any additional scholarships in the system. If you are not recommended to a scholarship opportunity on your personalized dashboard you should not apply to that scholarship opportunity because you do not meet the minimum qualifications for the scholarship. Do not apply to scholarships from the Opportunity tab under the “OURS” list, as these are not ones you are recommended to apply to and you will not be considered. Please remember, based on specific criteria and requirements for each of the various scholarships offered in the system, not all students may be recommended to apply to additional scholarships. The “Ours” link will list all scholarships in the system that are currently open and is different from a “Recommended” list that may be displayed for you. The “Recommended” list shows you scholarships that you appear to meet minimum qualifications for that require additional steps such as an essay or answering additional supplemental questions. You can decide to apply to any scholarship opportunity listed on your “Recommended” page by the deadline date posted.

The SU Scholarship Website (Academic Works) is open for ALL currently enrolled students (fall 2023 and Spring 2024) to apply to scholarships that you may be recommended to apply to on your dashboard after you complete your General Application (and Conditional Application, if applicable) for the 2024-25 academic year. Please follow the instructions once you sign in to the website. Some scholarships will be open during the fall 2023 semester for currently enrolled SU Students to apply to for this current academic year (2023-24). Currently enrolled students for fall 23/spring 24 at SU can also NOW apply to any Recommended scholarship on your list from the Opportunities tab on your dashboard for the current 2024-25 school year. Again, not all currently enrolled students will have a Recommended list of scholarships from the Opportunities tab if you do not meet minimum qualifications for any scholarship is the system. Please check the site often for any updates!

Welcome to Salisbury University’s Scholarship Website -(Academic Works) – institutional scholarship website! The University offered more than a $1.6 million dollars in scholarships to SU students last year. These scholarships may be applied for annually through SU’s Scholarship Website. These scholarships are funded through generous contributions from alumni, faculty and staff, friends, parents, campus organizations and other affiliates.

Please keep in mind that academic merit scholarships, Sea Gull Nation scholarship (for all non-Maryland, full-time, undergraduate students) and SU Fund need-based scholarships for incoming students are determined via your SU admissions application and/or FAFSA. For more information on calculating potential incoming merit and need-based awards at SU, check out the Net Price Calculator

Who can apply?
Incoming freshmen and transfer students who are admitted to the University and all currently enrolled undergraduate and graduate Salisbury University students. Non-degree and certificate students are not eligible for scholarships. Students enrolled through UMGC in the Germany social work program are not eligible to apply to scholarships at SU.

When will the 2024-25 FAFSA be open?
The new 24-25 FAFSA will open in late December 2023. Check out the SU Financial Aid website for updates as we get them on the new FAFSA: Financial Aid Website 24-25 FAFSA Changes

When can I apply for scholarships for the fall 2024 – spring 2025 school year?
The fall 2024-spring 2025 scholarship application process WILL BEGIN as of December 1, 2023.* Deadline dates for scholarship will vary, check the website for details. You are required to complete a new general application every year!

How do I apply?
1. To access the General Application, click “Sign In” in the upper right hand corner of the screen and use your SU username and password to login to the site.
2. After you have completed your General Application, the system will automatically match you to all scholarships you are eligible for based on the information you provided. These auto-match scholarships require no additional steps for you to complete for you to be in the applicant pool.
3. Applicants must complete all required questions on the “Profile Information” section before proceeding to other activities in the system.
4. While Academic Works matches you to scholarships you may be eligible for, keep in mind that you may be required to provide more information dependent on the scholarship opportunity requirements. From your home screen on the site check the Opportunities tab at the top of the page and look for the Recommended list of scholarships that you are
recommend to apply to. These scholarship opportunities on your Recommend list require you to complete additional steps such as writing an essay, answering questions or providing a name/email address for a letter of recommendation provider. Not all students will have a Recommended list of scholarships if the system has not matched you to any
additional scholarship opportunities that require additional steps.
5. Some scholarships require the applicant to demonstrate financial need; in order to be considered for those scholarships a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) FAFSA Website must be submitted. The FAFSA for the 2024-2025 academic year will open in late December 2023 (unsure of exact date at this time)!
6. If a 2024-2025 FAFSA is required as part of a scholarship criteria, you must have it completed before you would be recommended to apply to a scholarship opportunity on this site. Allow 3-4 business days after filing the FAFSA for this site to process the new data.
7. Stay on top of the “Deadline” column when reviewing scholarship opportunities as these dates reflect when you must complete the scholarship application to receive consideration for the scholarship.

How will I know if I’m eligible for new scholarships?
Additional scholarship opportunities may become available after the General Scholarship Application has been completed. It is your responsibility to check your Academic Works page frequently for additional scholarship opportunities that may become available. Keep an eye on deadline dates, as those will vary!

How will I be notified if I’m chosen as a recipient of a scholarship?
If you are awarded a scholarship you will receive an award email sent to your SU email address. Submitting a General Application or scholarship specific application does not guarantee you will be selected as a recipient. Non-selected recipients may not be notified by email of such.

Please note that the advertised scholarship dollar amounts are subject to change without notice based on verified funding levels and current scholarship commitments. The scholarship dollar amount published/posted should only be used as an estimate.

Salisbury University is a Division III member of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and therefore athletic leadership, ability, participation or performance cannot be utilized as a criterion in the determination of your financial aid award. As you apply for scholarships within Salisbury University’s Academic Works scholarship site please do not mention athletic leadership, ability, participation or performance within the essay as it will remove you from consideration for the scholarship to ensure Salisbury University’s continued compliance with Bylaw 15.4.1 of the NCAA regulations.

Opportunities Table
Award Name Actions
$750 - $1500 Marie Calafiura Scholarship
This Calafiura scholarship is awarded to an accounting major for his/her...
$400 Cupas Smethurst Scholarship
The Cupas Smethurst Scholarship will providing funding to students...
$1,000 Dr. Diane Davis Medical Lab Science Scholarship
The Dr. Diane Davis Medical Lab Science scholarship will provide funding...
$400 George Weide Jr. Scholarship in History at the Nabb Research Center of Delmarva History and Culture
The George Weide Jr. Scholarship will provide scholarship funding to a...
$2,000 Hunter Smith Athletic Training Scholarship
The Hunter Smith Athletic Training Scholarship is awarded to...
$500 Lamboni Family Award
The Lamboni Family Award will support annual spring award(s) to second...
$500 LeRoy P. Fiala Scholarship in the College of Health and Human Services
The LeRoy P. Fiala Scholarship will provide scholarship funding to...
$800 Oscar "Whitey" Ruppert Rommel Scholarship
The Oscar “Whitey” Ruppert Rommel Scholarship will provide funding to a...
$500 - $1,000 R. Neill & Nancy Carey Scholarship for Health Science
The R. Neill & Nancy Carey Scholarship will provide a renewable...
$500 -$1,000 Theodore Wiberg Health Career Materials Award
The Wiberg Health Career Materials Award is available to students who...
Varies up to $1,850 William Chaney Bunn Memorial Scholarship in Environmental Studies
The William Chaney Bunn Memorial Scholarship in Environmental Studies...
$500 - $1,000 Marshall W Moore Scholarship
The Marshall Moore Scholarship’s purpose is to create a scholarship in...
$12,500 McGhee STEM Scholarship - Perdue
The McGhee STEM Scholarship (Perdue) will be awarded to an undergraduate...
up to $20,000 Ratcliffe Entrepreneurial Excellence Scholarship
The Ratcliffe Entrepreneurial Excellence Scholarship will provide...
$10,000 Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program at SU
The National Science Foundation (NSF) is partnering with SU to produce...
$1,000 Amy Stoops Rhodes Memorial Scholarship
This scholarship will honor Amy’s legacy in the area of social work. An...
$1,000 Anne & John Gilheany Scholarship
The Anne & John Gilheany scholarship will provide funding to a senior...
$500 or more Dr. Lori DeWitt Memorial Scholarship
The Dr. Lori DeWitt Memorial Scholarship is awarded to a full-time...
$1,000 J. Daniel Landsman - SAFERIDE Scholarship
The SAFERIDE scholarship was created as a memorial to Danny Landsman, a...
$5,000 Jesse Klump Memorial Scholarship
The Jesse Klump Memorial scholarship will provide a one-time scholarship...
$1,200 Mannion Scholarship Endowment
The Mannion Scholarship Endowment will provide a scholarship for a...
$5,000 STEM Transfer Student Scholarship
Applications submitted by April 1st will be given first consideration,...
$500 The Emery Scholarship in memory of Stephen, Paul & Beth
The Stephen Michael Emery scholarship was established by Barbara and...
$6,000 Comunidad and Umoja Scholars Program (CUSP)
Comunidad and Umoja Scholars Program (CUSP), provided by the School of...
$2,500 Crabtree Diversity of Thought Sales Scholarship
Diversity of Thought in the business world allows an organization to...
$250 - $400 SU Study Abroad General Scholarship
The SU Study Abroad Scholarship will be awarded twice per year, once for...
$1,000 Fire and Rescue Service Survivors Educational Scholarship
Salisbury University and the Salisbury Fire Department have announced a...
$250 or more Reilly Family International Internship Scholarship
The Reilly Family International Internship Scholarship will be awarded...
$$ Varies Audrey C. Christopher Endowment for Education - Doctoral Students
The Audrey C. Christopher Endowment for Education, established in 1996,...
Up to $600 Diane D. Allen Scholarship
Diane D. Allen served as provost and senior vice president of academic...
$1,500 Florence Simonds & John B. May Scholarship
The Florence Simonds & John B. May Scholarship is awarded to a Master of...
$750 or more Rick Dudley Scholarship Fund for Graduate Students with Disabilities
The first Salisbury University Foundation, Inc. scholarship for graduate...
Varies Daly Computers, Inc. Scholarship
The Daly Computers, Inc. Scholarship is awarded to sophomore, junior or...
$700 James G. Kiefer Endowment Fund
The Kiefer Scholarship provides scholarship(s) to students who are...
$2,500 - $5,000 The Kimmerly Messick Scholarship
The Kimmerly Messick Scholarship will provide renewable scholarship(s)...
$0 Mike Pretl Memorial Scholarship
The Mike Pretl Memorial Scholarship will provide funding to a current SU...
up to $1,000 PATH Scholarship Program sponsored by the Ellucian Foundation
The PATH Scholarship Program, sponsored by the Ellucian Foundation, will...
Varies Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund III (HEERF III) - Student Emergency Grant Funds
As of midnight Thursday 2/24/22 ALL funding has been exhausted, NO NEW...
$500 Deirdre Adina Campbell Scholarship
The Deirdre Adina Campbell Scholarship will provide financial support to...
$1,000 Lawrence H. and Thelma H. Ey Memorial Scholarship
The Lawrence H. and Thelma H. Ey Memorial Scholarship will provide...
$800 David and Carol Pearl Scholarship
The David L. and Carol M. Pearl Scholarship is awarded to junior or...
$400 Brad Blumenauer Legacy Fund
The Brad Blumenauer Legacy Scholarship is available to a current,...
$400 Brushmiller Scholarship
The Brushmiller Scholarship will provide funding to incoming or current...
$1,000 Virginia Mills Edwards Nursing Scholarship
The Virginia Mills Edwards Nursing Scholarship recognizes and funds...
$800 Brown Pelican Scholarship Endowment
The Brown Pelican Scholarship endowment will provide a renewable...
$900 Cooper Honors Nursing Scholarship
This scholarship will be awarded to an incoming student meeting the...
$1,000 Joseph and Eleanor Mulligan Scholarship
This Mulligan scholarship was created to provide scholarship...
$4,500 Otello Meucci Memorial Music Education Scholarship
The Otello Meucci Memorial Music Education scholarship will provide...
$500 Vincent D. Leisey Student Involvement & Leadership Honors Scholarship
The Vincent D. Leisey Student Involvement and Leadership Honors...
$400 Howie Family Business Scholarship
The Howie Family Business Scholarship will provide scholarship funding...