Gootee Scholarship

The Gootee Scholarship will provide financial support for student scholarships and academic study to incoming or current students pursuing an undergraduate degree in the Department of Mathematical Sciences and the Department of Computer Science. All mathematics, computer science or data science majors are eligible for this scholarship. The committee will take into consideration the applicant’s cumulative GPA, major GPA, financial need from FAFSA, enthusiasm, work ethic and academic drive. This is a non-renewable scholarship.

Gootee Scholarship
$500 - $1,000
Area of Interest
Henson School of Science & Technology
Supplemental Questions
  1. Are you a current student majoring in Mathematics, Computer Science, and/or Data Science?
  2. Are you an entering student who will be majoring in Mathematics, Computer Science, and/or Data Science?
  3. What is your anticipated graduation date/year?
  4. Why have you chosen to enter the fields of Mathematics, Computer Science, and/or Data Science?
  5. What are your aspirations after graduation?
  6. Gootee Scholarship - Letter of Recommendation Request. Remember to ask your recommendation provider first for approval before you provide their name and email. You are responsible for ensuring your recommendation provider completes this request.
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