Diane D. Allen Scholarship

Diane D. Allen served as provost and senior vice president of academic affairs at Salisbury University from 2009 to 2017. Dr. Allen was a native of Memphis, TN, and earned her master’s and doctoral degrees in Curriculum and Instruction from Oklahoma State University and her bachelor’s degree in English from the University of Memphis.

The Diane D. Allen Scholarship is designated to defray the costs of dissertation work of students in the Contemporary Curriculum Theory and Instruction in Literacy doctoral program (EDCIEDD) in the Seidel School of Education at Salisbury University. One scholarship will be awarded annually.

Applications for the Diane D. Allen Scholarship should include a brief proposal narrative and budget. The proposal narrative should outline the major components of the applicant’s dissertation research and should be no more than 3 pages in length (12-point font, single spaced, including references). It should clearly and concisely describe the aims and methodology of the proposed research as well as the expected contribution of the work to existing literacy research. In addition to the proposal narrative, the application should also contain a budget (up to 1 page) outlining the direct expenses to be incurred and supported by the scholarship. The budget may be presented via table format.
The awarded applicant will be expected to complete and send a thank you letter acknowledging the support that has been provided for this scholarship. Instructions for writing and sending the letter will be provided.

The proposal will be evaluated on the following criteria:
• Appropriateness of the introduction, including a clear and concise review of existing research and description of the aims/research questions
• Appropriateness of the methodology, including a clear and concise description of the participants to be examined, materials to be used, and design/procedures to be employed
• Appropriateness of the planned analyses in supporting the aims of the proposed research
• Description of the proposed implications of the research
• Feasibility of the proposed budget
• Quality of writing and accordance with APA style

Students should not apply for this scholarship until you have successfully completed your comprehensive exam.

Diane D. Allen Scholarship
Up to $600
Area of Interest
Doctoral Studies in Literacy, Graduate Studies
Supplemental Questions
  1. Pilot Project completion
    • 1.Have you successfully completed your pilot project?
    • 2.If "No", please explain the expected time of completion of the pilot project.
  2. Proposal narrative
  3. Proposal budget